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Monday, Day 86

Day job is frustrating. Six hours a day, I feel frustrated. Then it takes hours for that feeling to make way for… utter tiredness.

Going from being a freelance writer to working for a boss, even if it’s from home, is just… impossible.

« One more week. One more week. »

Tuesday, Day 87

Ok, time to be real.

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Note to the readers: Thanks for taking the time to read this. I try to answer that impossible question at the end of this post. I’m no expert, just a parent and a writer on a crazy quest. Enjoy!

Monday, Day 72

Labour day today. Will I’ll be able to take advantage of it and write all day?

Noooope ! For a day-off, when you have kids, means doing some activity or some sort.

Today, family is coming over to enjoy an windy lunch.

Talking movies with the family today had me realized why I’m writing in the before-internet era.

No, no, it’s not only because I’m a 35 to 44 years old mom who was becoming quite the misanthrope even before… well, pick your nightmare, dear fellow writers.

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