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Word count goal for the week: 47 500 words
Word count so far: 32 806 words

Revision is a bliss. For me anyway.
Even though I’m revising the rough draft, it feels so good to work on making the writing better and the characters more layered.

One of my favorite part of writing a story is making the story better. Adding more details without being info-dumpy. Trying different angles for a character’s answer to a conflict, to an unpredictable event.
Isn’t that what writing is supposed to be in the first place?
A fun way to try to make good art, a great way to contribute and help the world smile a little and wonder a lot.

I think my writing goals are slowly shifting. Of course, I will really work hard at finishing the rough first draft before December 31st, and I will keep writing this journal (seriously, one of the best writing tip I tried this year, keeping a diary of this writing project; it really motivates me to write each day, even if it’s just a little).
The stress of finishing as soon as possible to send it off to the publishers « at the right time » is slowly vanishing.

A recent visit to my local indie bookstore helped a lot in that manner.

There’s nothing like my book on their shelves.
The books all look the same.
They all sound the same.

Does it mean I have a better chance? Au contraire. It means publishers can’t afford to take a risk on something that’s not « what the readers want ».

I did my research, I know I can sell this book to at least three publishers. But I think if this book is gonna make it, it’s because its gonna beat-sheet perfect, written in a unique voice, and surfing on classics tropes everybody enjoys, but with the must-have twist and « wow » factor.

In my mind, and taking a realistic look at what I have to work on, a book like that might take more than six months to complete…

Better sleep on it I guess.

Thank you so much for reading, dear writer friends, and until next time…

This week word count goal: 47 500 words
Word count so far : 32 640 words

I’m keeping, again, the same word count goal as last week. This week will be pretty busy and there’s a good chance I might have to do some day job work during the evenings.

On Day 53 of my writing project, I drove for 6 hours. Going to a birthday party and back. It was fun. While my family snored on the way back, I got plenty of brainstorm time… and wonder time too (that book is still haunting me; let’s hope it will for a long, long time.)
A light snowfall had covered the newly bare trees and dry wheat fields and cornfields with fluffy white the day before. Here and there along the road, it could get quite pretty.
Pretty scenery is a bit scarce on the highway…

Now that our birthdays season is complete, on with the Holiday season… and the list of things to do.
And as the list grows longer, I’m all: but how am I going to be able to keep up with my writing routine?

Of course, as I always do when something is bugging me so much I can’t focus on my on going writing project, I went into research mode.
I’m will an official Writing Tip post with the results soon.

Today, Day 54, I am still doing some revision on the previous chapters. I need to get my story straight. I feel like the novel’s got too many door open in half-ass written places.

Thanks so so much for reading, dear writer friends, and until next time…

Word count goal for this week: 47 500 words
Word count today: 32 474 words

Nothing is going to happen today.

I’m taking a brake from today’s schedule writing time.

Actually, I will take that time to do nothing.
No brainstorming, no researching, no stressing about my deadline.
And, most importantly, no screen time.

Why? Because I need to do something to get rid of the creeping stress, my old nemesis.

And because of a book.

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