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for writers, the best writing time varies. Either a writer has a day job or not, or an aspiring author might barely have time between day job to write a word, it's good to take time to think about our best productive moments of the day to make the most of it

Let’s seeeEEEeee.

4am? 7 pm? Is it late in the evening? Could it be on Blue Moon Tuesdays?

Since we, writers/writer-parents have to change our writing routine pretty often depending on what the kids are up to, I went into research mode to find out if such a thing as THE Best Time to Write existed.

Early birds, night owls, happy badgers, drum roll. The winner is…

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Day 99 to Day 106

All week, I worked every morning on the revision. And every morning, I remained stuck on a dialog. A three hundred words piece of dialog!

It’s where we get into the fun and games. The dialog works there as a transition between the old life the Main character tries to hang on to and the leap forward to change.

The dialog changed a dozen, if not fifty, if not a hundred times. Very discouraging.

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