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Work count goal this week: 47 500 words
Work count goal so far: 34 139 words

I had a crazy busy day / evening. It will all go back to normal once I’m done with the extra-work, extra-chores, somewhere next week or so.

I went back to drafting, for the little time I could spare to write today.
While doing some work, I had this super fun idea for the chapter I was working on before I started revising.
So I went on and wrote the scene.

The scene feels like a keeper. It’s emotional, dramatic, it really get the main character going and reflect on herself. Fun!

For now, it is mostly dialogue. I usually don’t suffer from « white room syndrome » (it would be quite the reverse in my case), but today I had to make haste.
The past few weeks, I’ve been waking up around 4:30-5 am, so I’m feeling sleepy around 8 pm and just crash around 9…
The evening writing time is growing shorter every day, and I don’t write a lot of words.

But I write and it makes me happy. That’s the important thing.

You only fail if you stop writing, right? Right!

Good night already, writer friends !

Word count goal for this week: 47 500 words
Word count so far: 33 886 words

It’s going slooow.

I find it hard to sit down and write this week. I write anyways, but every time it’s a struggle, and a very disappointing one.

All I can do at this point is not work harder on the current writing project, but take some time off, recollect, gather my strength and make a triumphant comeback back Sunday night.

I feel like spending my days and night curled up in bed with a novel, a cup of tea and the old greyhound I use to babysit sometimes.
He was quite something, that dog. He would come over for some hugs and kisses, then fall asleep in a strange position. And dang, before we found out he had some bad worms in is guts, did he farted some bad mojo around.

My hubby-to-be and his ex brought him back from a shelter in Vermont, way back when.
We couldn’t babysit him anymore, and two or three years after that, she finally gave him away. I was pregnant then, and we lived in a very small condo, so we couldn’t take him with us.
Shortly after she gave it away, he died of a heart attack.

He had a good life, after the racing tracks of course.

I do miss my friend’s big brown eyes and crazy farts though.

I don’t think having him around would make me write more. But it would certainly help me smile.

Dear writer friends, thanks for reading!

Since September, I got myself used to a nice little writing routine.
I write after kiddo is asleep, four of five nights a week.
The day job may be exhausting sometimes, but I finally reached a point where I’m happy to go back to my stories each night.

With the Holidays coming oh-so-fast again this year, I was getting a bit stress out.
There’s so much to do!
Even more so when it is your turn to be the adult cooking a storm so everything is ready for the family reunions, and clean, and decorate.
Those delicious Christmas cookies won’t bake themselves!
And kiddo loves making cookies so much, I can’t possibly take a rain check on that.
And so the list goes on. There’s stuff I feel like I HAVE to do.

But, but. but. aaww,iIt took so long to get into my writing routine!

I really don’t want to lose my writing mojo. Plus, I don’t have time to stop writing. I’ve got (self-imposed) deadlines!
Writing during the evenings has become my way to unwind, relax and sometimes, the perfect way to make a crappy workday fade away.

How will I keep up and find time to write during the Holidays?

By being ruthless, mouhwahwahwah ! And by using some faithful Writing Tips, of course.

Therefore, I will:

  • Set up a Holiday Special Writing Goal!
    Since there are more things to do, more food to prep, more wine to drink during the Holidays, I predict I might not always be super-duper efficient when I get to write.
    I’m setting up a motivational Holiday Special Writing Goal.
  • Shake things up a little
    The important thing for me is to keep writing at least 5 times a week. Writing is easier during the evening for me, but during the Holidays, I will shake things up a little and plan to write during the day, or early in the morning, depending on what has to happen that day.
  • Make sacrifices
    Dang, it sounds awful. But there is it, harsh truth: no one can squeeze a 25th hour in one day.
    Therefore, in order to keep up with the writing routine during the Holidays, sacrifices have to be made.
    And I chose to sacrifice… house chores!!
    Well, to tell the whole thruth, I chose to… delegate house chores!!
    Because having fewer family gatherings or no outings with kiddo is happening no matter what during the Holidays, I will delegate more of those lovely chores over to hubby-to-be.
    Anyway, he hasn’t mopped a floor since… long enough.

If you are using other writing tips and hacks on how to keep writing during the Holidays, let me now in the comments.
Who else wants to keep writing even though it’s the most wonderful time of the year?

Thanks so much for reading. You can find me on twitter or take a look at my Pinterest Writing Boards if you’re looking for more tips and hacks on writing, or keep in touch and subscribe to this blog.
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Until next time, friends!

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