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Writer on a Quest !

A month without a word went by.

Maybe a little note here and there, a vague idea par-ci, par-là.

To be honest, dear fellow writers, getting back to writing feels a bit daunting.

However, if you’ve been around this blog, you know I went into research mode before writing a single word !

How to Get Back to Writing?

Here it goes!

  • Make Sure You’re Ready

    Life happens. A new baby, a full-frontal burnout, a broken heart.
    Before getting back to writing, it will help to make sure we’re at peace with ourselves – more or less, of course. Although in this case, More is definitely better !
    Writing because the heart longs for the simple, wonderful joy of seeing words, and all the worlds they hold, on the page. That’s how I knew I was ready.
  • Expect a Slow Start

    It will be slow. Like every muscle of our bodies, the writing muscle gets rusty after a while.
    Words will sound weird, sentence will look awful. The first writing sessions will end with the tiniest word count ever.
    If we keep writing without judging ourselves from our past writing productivity peaks, we’ll get the writing muscle back in shape in no time!

  • Set New Realistic Writing Goals

    Sometimes when getting back to something we deeply loved to do, we set the expectations way too high.
    Setting realistic goals let us have a smoother dive into the writing novel land.
    And… when I say « Realistic », I mean being honest with our own reality.

    In my reality, considering my mental health issue, responsibilities and so on and so forth, my new writing goals will be down right oh-so-friendly!
    Writing’s gotta be my ultimate happy place right now.

Bonus Tips !

  • Clean up the work space
  • Read through your writing project before writing-editing-revising
  • Phone off, Internet off, kids off with partner

Dear fellow writers, I hope with all my heart you are well, safe and healthy in your corner of the world. May all the good words be with you!

One Wednesday morning, I got out of a building.

Bunch of teenagers were eating fast food on picnic tables set in front of the « snack attack » kinda pun-sadly named local fast-food.

Walking on the side-walk, with all the adult-pride I could muster, I fought to get hold of the cellphone, as usual lost deep down in the Jane Austen Quote tote bag I carry everywhere instead of a grown-up purse.

I dislike purses. A lot.


See, dear fellow writers, I had loads to tell to hubby-to-be (will 2022 be our wedding year ? finger crossed!). For, during my rendez-vous with the psychologue, I had a breakthrough.

A hard-core, heart-breaking, writer-dream shattering breakthrough.

To be Burned Out

As some point during the conversation, the psy said: « You’re not helping yourself by treating writing as a job. You’re burned out. »

Only then, after nearly two months of counselling, did it finally sinked in.

Burned out.

No more energy to burn, no more light to show the way.

I’ve been in a state of extreme exhaustion, I was feeling down all the time. And the writing productivity was greatly reduced. I was that angry all the time person you don’t want to talk to, the yelling mom the neighbours judge (mine anyway!), the impatient and very snappy wife-to-be guys don’t enjoy hanging out with.

My heart was sinking in darkness.

Imagination is still working though, full steam ahead !



Burnout, say hello to my writer dreams. Looks like we gonna be together a while.

How to Rest ?

On vacations, I’m the kind of gal to go see places, to hike, to road trip to that small local cheese factory/store, that alpacas farm, that microbrewery.

On staycations, I clean, I buy stuff for the yard, I planned activities.

In short, I never really rest and do nothing. A real dichotomict thing since I’ve been longing lately to just do that: nothing.

Learning to rest is strange, especially is this warp-speed era.

But then again, I love to learn.

Dear fellow writers, I hope with all my heart you’re safe, healthy, and may all the good words flow your way.

Au revoir et à bientôt !

It’s one thing to write a comfy cozy Christmas rom-com novel. It’s another thing to make it fun and impossible to put down !

In order to make sure I’m not wasting time writing something good, but not good enough to captivated many readers (and all the etcetera that goes with it – heehee), I decided to test out my idea with a log line.

One, two sentences max. A resume of the inciting incident and all the fun&games entailed with enough juicy words to intrigue the readers.

It helps see if whole idea potential.

The writing tip have been out there for ages, but I rarely used it, or used it only for query purposes.

It really helps, but.. you know as well as I do, dear fellow writers, writing a good, and I mean very good, enticing, exciting log line takes time.

Loads of it.

The Thin Light in Utter Darkness

My grandmother was born on an island, far off any continents.

Her family were very poor, like most of the islanders at the time – we’re talking Second World War era here.

When she was a girl, she would wait for her older brother on the porch. In pitch black night, she tells the only thing she could see sometimes was the little red light his cigarette was making when he took a puff (I hope I’m using the right expression here).

Writing the log line of the story even before writing the first words feels like that to me. A tiny thin light in the utter darkness.

Happy Ever After

This Christmas rom-com novel will end well. Of course it will. I know it, you know it, the readers know it.

The fun is all in the road leading to the kiss, or the big « I love you » declaration. The log line helps see the big problem the Main Characters will have to deal with in order to make things happens at the end.

Although, I must admit, Mr. Darcy telling Elizabeth he loves her against his own judgement is absolutely delightful and remains to this day my all-time favourite.

That scene shake things up oh-so marvellously. Speaking of which, it’s been almost two years since I last read Pride and Prejudice, oh goodness. And I used to read it almost four times a year !

And if I go and read it now, I know I’ll just stop writing my light-hearted Christmas rom-com, so I’ll hold it off for a bit longer.

Enough stalling, I better go back to writing. I’m way behind with the writing goals of the first quarter of 2021.

Fellow writers, I hope you’re safe, healthy, happy. May all the good words flow your way.

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