Writing tips: On struggling to get started with a new story

Building an historicaly acurate world is no piece of chocolate cake with creamy chocolate icing.

Hou, but chocolate cake with creamy chocolate icing…

Anyway, back to the struggle at hand.

I started the research for an histoire fantastique while finishing *struggling with the the tween novel title*, I have been working on from January to the end of March 2019.

I am using the French term to define the genre because I do not know which genre to use in English. Fantastic, I believe, is not a literary genre in English, or am I sinking deep into an ocean of boiled potatoes?

If I remembered correctly, an histoire fantastique features paranormal/spiritism related activity, but it’s not quite a ghost story, nor a sci-fi. It is a fantastic phenomenon happening to an amazed human.

Theophile Gauthier and Edgar Allan Poe, were the first to delight readers with such stories, I think.
Theophile Gauthier is my favorite though, for his writing is rich with colors and mesmerizing descriptions. I think his Morte amoureuse is one of the first zombie novels ever written; and please, do tell me if I got it wrong.

It is not so much with my chosen genre I am struggling with, nor with the fact that, when I am writing this post, it’s been two days since I finished *struggling with the tween novel title*.

It’s more the fear of historic inaccuracy that’s holding me back. That, and one of the main character’s name. I changed it four times already, grumblegrumblegrumble.


I read novels to escape reality, to dream, to live great adventures I would be waaay too scared to embark on.

Same goes with writing. I write to dream, to escape, to live great adventures. I tend to jump right in, developing the idea and the characters as a go along. Often, the idea changes, but the characters stays (most of them anyway).

Now, the struggle lies here: the story is set in a real past, so to speak, in the 1970’s.

Tons of research and hours of watching movies later, I feel like I cannot even grasp the concepts, the day-to-day things that will run through a kid’s mind or an adult’s mind.

I mean, I worked the backstories, I’ve got the mood boards, I have a list of reliable wells of knowledge to help. What else can I do to feel more prepare? Not much left.

There’s is only one thing I can do to stop with the struggling, really. Stop writing this post and get on with it, at last.

Therefore, if you’ll please excuse me.

Until next time!