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Writer on a Quest !

That one comes from the creative writing class I took way back then, some twenty years ago, oh dear oh dear.

Still, its a valid writing tip that helps me a lot, especially when I feel a writing block lurking around.

How it works

Here’s the edited definition for writers: a literary piece consisting wholly of borrowed techniques.

You copy the writing style of a other writer, in order to understand how they use words, grammar, how they described, how they develop characters.

VERY IMPORTANT: It is an exercise to help you find your OWN writing voice, not an invitation to plagiarism!!!

It works like this: you pick 3 to 5 novels, from different authors from different eras, and more importantly, different genre.

Choose a novel from Agota Kristoff, Jacques Poulin, Colette, Isaac Asimov and Alessandro Barrico, for exemple.

It will help if you read the whole book before selecting a specific scene, but you can also just select a scene.

After reading the selected scene thoroughly, you write a new story using the style and voice of the author.

Simple enough, but I found it really helps me clear my mind and narrow down my own writing voice, while picking up some great writing techniques.

Writing a pastiche of J.D. Sallinger twenty years ago left me, to this day, with a different perspective on rhythm.

I hope this writing tip will help.

Now, this wanna-be traditionally published author is going back to the mid-point of her current WIP.

Until next time!

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