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I do not like free stuff.
Never did.
I feel like I owe something, a favor of some kind.
Back when I had the energy to have a social life, it took me years to accept a drink from a friend, and even then, I would always buy the next round.

Nevertheless, curiosity and Books with Chloe led me to a two months free trial on SKILLSHARE (nope, no affiliated link here, just me being enthusiastic, for free).
Under the creative writing tab, I stumbled upon a great video about Alfred Hitchcock, his method and how it can be applied to writing, by Morgan Lindsay Nelson, a graphic novelist.

I love those kind of videos, with exercises and examples. It really help to get out of your writing zone and try something different, even if its seems basics.

When it comes to writing, I find that going back to the basics once in a while keeps writers on their toes and prevent them from falling into an « I’m too good for this » kinda mind trap.

Surprise vs Suspense

Surprise is you turning on the light and seeing either a dead body or a room full of your friends yelling « Happy Birthday » (my personal nightmare).


Suspense is the killer struggling with its victim in the house while you are on way there or your partner being delayed and running late to your surprise birthday party while, again, you’re on your way.

Will the killer hide and wait? Will he flee? Will you get there in time to save the victim?
Will your partner get rid of the boss? Be able to beat the traffic? Catch the hot-air balloon to get to the party before you?


The very basics of Suspense

Emotion is an essential ingredient of success, said Hitchock.

  • The reader must know or have an idea of what may happen
  • One the character involve must be kept in the dark
  • Have a ticking clock doing its job
  • Play with fears, hopes, the kind of emotions every human can relate too

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