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Outlining can be tricky. It always has been for me anyway. I am more on the pantser side of the spectrum.

But, I had to girl-up about it for new writing project reasons. Took me a while to find outlining methods that felt right… sort of. I share those with you. Spoiler alert: the « Save the cat! » method is not included down below.

Outlining is for…

For some literary genres, outlining can help a big big lot.

For other literary genres, it does not help so much but it can still be super useful.

Outlining a novel will help tremendously with:

  • Mysteries
  • Thrillers
  • Roman noir
  • Crime/Detective stories (we say romans policiers ou polar around here)
  • High fantasy series
  • If I’m forgetting one, please let me know and I’ll update the list.

No beat sheets available here

Beat sheets, not for me. Don’t like the feeling of singing the same tune everybody’s singing, you know. I hate the feeling of writing the same book everybody’s writing, following the same guidelines, having the characters be miserable at exactly 45% of the book or whatever.

Here’s the 3 outlining I feel gives room to create while making sure a story has every beat it needs to captivate readers.

  1. Katytastic
    This outlining method is my method of choice. Her outlining structure does not leave any fundamentals beats behind.
  2. Hannah Truelove
    Her method is simple, giving a pantser like me lots of room to play around. Simple, yet, not too simplistic. Every important story beats is there to grab.
  3. The NovelSmithy – Lewis
    It’s the best of both world: a clear map of what an outline should look like, where the story beats should it + details on the why the story beats should fall there and not there. (Yes, I did fell for the « How to outline without sacrificing your creativity » headline.)

Thanks for reading this post, gals and guys. I hope it helps.
Please, feel free to buy a ko-fi to this crazy full-time Writer on a Quest. Always much appreciated.

Until next time!

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