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Writer on a Quest !

Writing goals are super important, in my humble opinion.

Especially for me, since I’m an aspiring author with a day job, a kid, a need-to-read habit. Plus, more often then I care to say, I play video games as soon as I wake up.

Keeping a word count and stick to word count goals: those writing tips changed my writing game.
Before embracing the writing goals, it would take me 3, 4, even 5 years to finish a book.
Granted, I considered writing as a hobby (and one I would never tell my family about, simply because they all thought writing is a useless waste of time that doesn’t even pay well; they still do), but even then… come on girl!

Writing goals really helps me to stay motivated, it pushes me forward.

2019 YA-WIP goals

I started the new writing project early in September.

By now, I did some research, wrote backstories for the main characters, wrote an outlined. So I feel semi-confident I will be able to finish 2019 YA-WIP in 3 months.

Before I set my writing goals, I look at the family calendar. For us, autumn is birthday season, plus Holidays. How on earth will she find time to write, some may ask?
I work from home. The time I spent in the commute, I now can sometimes spend on writing.

I couldn’t even dream of finishing a book in 3 months when I was working in retail stores. Even less when I got to work in official offices, alongside official adults (often younger than me) doing adults stuff, like talking about their pools and their next vacations in a resort near the ocean.

I am in total WOW, like bowing deeply, at all those aspiring authors out there who make it happened while having to get out of the house 5 or 6 times a week and work for 8 to 10 hours, often surrounded by people. W.O.W.

On with the writing goals, ambitious (for me) but do-able:

  • 85 000 words
  • 7000 words a week
  • 1400 words a day

Deadline : December 31st

I will not, however, drive myself crazy with this deadline, nor with the writing goals. I will do everything I can to reach them, but I also don’t want to get mad if I don’t make it to 1 400 words one day, or feel like a darn looser if the first draft is not finished by December 31st.

Writing is my happy place, and I want it to remain that way.

Until next time !

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