M.A. Wohl

Writer on a Quest !

Word goal for the week: 7 500 words
Word count so far: 2 200 words

I am oh so very lucky.

Because my hubby-to-be has a successful business (working 75 to 80 hours a week, but who’s counting), I am able to work from home.

No commuting for hours, no what-to-wear drama in the morning. Now, I can use some of that extra time to write. Some, yeah… Convincing a kid to stop moving so I can brush hair and help put clothes on takes up more time then one would care to guess.

This week might be different though since I will be all by myself with the kid, the work, the house-work and… no laptop.

Hubby-to-be is taking my very best friend, old Mac laptop, with him on a business trip.

I still have access to a computer, and all my files are secure, and everything will be fine, BUT, I am dreading the lost of my just newly re-established writing routine.

I often heard on AuthorTube channels or read on blog posts that jazzing up the writing routine can help boost creativity, see things differently, with a fresh angle.

I am ready to believe it, even if past experiences prove that I am way less productive in a coffee shop or at a library then at home.

We’ll see.

Until next time, thanks for tagging along!

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