M.A. Wohl

Writer on a Quest !

Word count goal for the week: 7 500 words
Word count so far: 3 336 words

I spent the entire day on a office chair. Most of it anyway.
What I really mean to say my butt hurt, my eyes are burning, twinkle twinkle little star is stuck in my head and I just want to go to bed, watch Ghostbusters again (it is the season after all) and call it a night.
But here I am, keeping up with that writing diary project, simply hoping it will be useful to someone.

Changing up the writing routine was not has dreadful as I feared it would be. I couldn’t work on the YA-WIP as much I would have like to, but still, I wrote more than I thought. All thanks to the tips I picked up in one of Chris Fox craft books.
I clear the distractions, Internet included this time, put in some white noise – a show I know by heart – and sprint-write my way through chapter 2.

I am also trying something new, for my own sanity, and for the sake of getting through the first draft (or draft zero, if you’re more familiar with that term).
I will neither revise nor edit until I reach 25 000 words.

Why revise or edit something I might trash anyway? Because it helps me with the story structure, the characters arcs; in one word, it helps with the general flow of it all. Plus, I love working on the writing, on how I can make this description shorter, or more to the point. I keep an eye on repetitive words or turn of phrase, hoping I won’t have to write too many drafts before the novel is ready to send to the publishers (where I live, no literary agent; query is addressed directly to the publishers).

Time for a chocolate pudding. Nope, I didn’t quiet reach the word count goal for today. But close enough for a chocolate pudding.

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