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Word count goal for the week: 7 500 words
Word count so far: 5 316 words

It was cold and rainy, lovely day today.
A day with no paying work deadline, no chores that couldn’t be postponed.

The perfect day for writing, like, you know, like 10 000 words, plus a scene involving some ghosts action!

Pouha ha ha…prout prout proooouuuuut.

Rainy writing day fail

I did manage, somehow, in between all the wasted hours spend on Internet « researching » – there, I said it, and in quotation marks too -, to wrote, at the very least., chapter 3 today.
Oh geez, did it took me a long while to girl up though, stop goofing around and actually write the lovely thing.

Funny too I kinda procrastinated about writing that chapter, since its (at this stage anyway) the inciting incident, where the beloved normal world of Main Character takes a hard punch in the guts.
Its all fun and more fun, action, big emotions. Main character is going through the « what the f*** is this » phase. Its awesome!
And yet…

And yet, it is all about a new beat. A new phase in my own little writer life.

I used to write very late at night, or very early in the morning, depending on what kind of job I had at the time (I did work a wide range of different low-pay jobs in the past twenty years).
So, when I have time during the day, my instinct is to start writing as soon as possible, as I once did. Long before that strange, yet, still new to me somehow *not-single – not-married – with-a-kid* life I’m living.

I have to face the facts: the writing routine of the past is not working no more. Time to embrace a new beat. And, so far, it’s working good.

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Until next time!

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