M.A. Wohl

Writer on a Quest !

This week word count goal: 15 000
Word count so far: 8 829

It went so well yesterday. For one good reason: I needed to think about something else then – oh, too many things.
Working on the new writing project provided a most welcome escape.

Writing is as much an escape for me than reading books. Sometimes, even more so. It’s probably the same thing for many authors.
Of course, when deadlines come knocking on the professional author’s doors, now, that is another story.

I did take some notes on what worked well during the writing session:

  • No interruptions
  • No distractions
  • A brainstormed story
  • A back-up detailed outline

Let’s see if I can beat my word count today… Doubt it, but we’ll see. Until then, thanks for reading and enjoy today!

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