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This week word count goal: 15 000 words
Word count so far: 13 063 words

It really is a struggle, for an author, to kill in a convincing way. I say it is even harder to NOT kill in a convincing manner.

I knew that scene was coming up, but I wasn’t really sure about how it would play out. First, I went with just a touch a spook, but it was sooo cliché, I bored myself writing it.
Bloody with a crescendo of spooky, that is what I went for. And it works like a charme. The scene is great.

But the amount of research I had to do to be able to describe with accuracy the wounded victim, impressive.
So many knife wounds to choose from! Plus, they had to be not deadly. And, not in the shoulder. Because, come on, they all get stab/shot in the shoulder!

I thought I would share the results of my research, which was not as thorough as it will be in a couple of months, when revision kicks in, but still, valuable.

The rough draft is a total mess, that being said. I am adding stuff at the beginning, strengthening the plot, getting to know the characters better.
I think a chronological revision and a little bit of structural coherence is required.
It will my 15 000 words reward, haha!

Thanks for reading this post. If you have any resources regarding the facts behind human wounds of any kind, please let me know in the comments.

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