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Writer on a Quest !

This week word count goal: 25 000 words
Word count so far: 15 004 words

Stop drafting in the middle a fun scene turned out be, once again, a great idea!

It was very energizing to jump right back into the action, even though I was exhausted when I started writing.
If it weren’t for this new writing diary, I would half-sleeping, half-watching a Bob Ross show (I like it so much, it is so quiet, and happy) right this second.

I got to work more on the main character, to know her better. She has a big heart and she will always try to focus on the positive side of everybody and every situation, even though she is a bit judgmental. She was an elite athlete. She love competition, she loves to be the best. Most of all, she loves being one of the most popular girls in her High School. She values her reputation a great deal, even though it means hanging out with some of the high school people she despises more often than she cares to admit.
When we first meet her, I think we can relate to her good side and her wits and yet, see that she is judgmental and shallow in some ways.

Chapter 9 is coming along very well. We are at the turning point, the embracing the new situation after struggling to ignore it point.
The storyline is following the beats, the flow is good (messy but there)…

I feel like my storytelling skills have improved at least a little since the last (rejected) novel I wrote.
Ingesting oh so so so many writing tips on storytelling, and craft, and outlines seems to be paying off.
Amen to that, but keep working at it, crazy writer on a quest!

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Until next time!

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