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Writer on a Quest !

Word count goal for this week: 40 000 words
Word count so far: 23 175

In a scene, I got the love interest bump into the main character in a mall. Literally. Bump! Aouch! You!?

Agreed, the mall in question, a miserable looking old fashion place far from their hometown, is ( of course! ) the last place you could expect to see both of them.
I am embracing this cliché. It works.
But will the beta-readers, better yet the actual readers, will dig it?

Here I am, late at night, wondering, reminiscing of real life cliché experiences.

I like clichés. I find them many of them to very relatable, as we experienced it often in day-to-day life.

I did bump into someone I really either didn’t want to see or haven’t seen in a really long while to see in a mall. And in the most incongruous places too. Once, I met a friend of mine in a shabby-not-chic restaurant near the sea, where we simply had to stop for a reason stronger than both our will combined: pipi.
My friend was the only client sitting there, and about to set off back on her journey, biking alone the steep hills of Gaspésie in order to reach New-Brunswick, camping where she could.
A challenging adventure, totally her style.

Anyway, that’s the kind of experiences I’m thinking about, curled up in bed near a snoring hubby-to-be, struggling and failing to find a confortable position to write.

Therefore, time to close the curtain on the 40th day of this writing diary.

I guess if I spend less time thinking about the book and more time writing the book, I would be less worried about meeting my deadline…

Until next time, dear writer friends…

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