Diary of a writing project. Day 52: On taking a day off

Word count goal for this week: 47 500 words
Word count today: 32 474 words

Nothing is going to happen today.

I’m taking a brake from today’s schedule writing time.

Actually, I will take that time to do nothing.
No brainstorming, no researching, no stressing about my deadline.
And, most importantly, no screen time.

Why? Because I need to do something to get rid of the creeping stress, my old nemesis.

And because of a book.


I read this book recently, a non-fiction one, which I rarely go for.

« The Wonder Approach », by Catherine L’Écuyer. In this day and age where grown-ups put their kids of front a screen or a phone camera before they can open their eyes, this book is an essential kick in the butt.
It’s about the Wonder, how we almost erased it from our children’s lives, and how to give it back to them.
I’m gonna give away her tip: way, way, way less screen time and planned activities; more calm, more silence, more time playing outside, in nature.

Anyway, it got me thinking, not only about how I was behaving as a parent, but how I was behaving as a person.

I am overwhelmed by all those constant, never-ending things to do for work. Those things to buy, those things to prep.
And of course, all those wonderful stories to write.

No author ever got published sitting on their bottom doing nothing, right?
Plus, you gotta make s*** happen fast if you wanna be able to earn a living as a writer. Published four books a year, minimum. Be on every platforms. Blog. Vlog. Reach out.

Just writing the above, I feel short of breath… and a bit depressed, I guess.

End the day off.
I’m taking the day to recharge my… I was about to write batteries, but I’m so fridgin’ tired of being compared to a machine! And to feel like all my efforts are never good enough. Very tired.
I’m taking a day off to rest my soul.

And I will let my mind wonder.

Self-care tips for writers

If you too need some self-care tips, here’s what I found around:

  • Author S.J Siedenburg has a very good back to the basic post about self-care for writers.
  • I related heartfully with Sarah White’s tips for self-care.
  • Writing about writing is a great blog, and this lenghty post is the perfect read when you need a bit of self-care wisdom.

Auteur : M. A.

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