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Writer on a Quest !

I know what I have to do with the current middle-grade work in progress.

Re-write everything from chapter 11 to the end, the projected chapter 25.

And I’m stalling.

Why was my novel rejected?

Rejection is part of a writer’s life.

Every writer, famous or not, published or still hustling to make it happen like yours truly, have to learn how to deal with it.
Rejection from literary agents, yes, but also from publishers, readers, fellow writers.

But why? That story is good. Beta-reader liked it. It’s been revised, it’s been copy proof, it’s hitting all the right beats. The story is good. It’s good enough for beta-reader. But it’s not good enough for publishers.

Being able to dissect my own manuscript took me a while, but now I can do it without feeling like a huuuge failure.

After all, I did that work already.

Not good enough of a job though. I outlined at length.

And the problem jump at me right away. I worked for so long on the novel, I wasn’t able to see it anymore I guess.

Too many subplots.

That means big re-write.

Therefore, I’m here, stalling.

Taunting task

It’s just… argh, I worked so hard, for so long…

Editing is big taunting task, and this time around, it’s breaking my heart a little because, sorry if I’m repeating myself but, I already did that work.

At that point, I really tough of shelving the project, once and for all. After all, it gone through two rounds of rejections already.

Thing is, I still want to tell the story. It’s in my heart. It’s a good story. It’s full of hope, full of adventures and wonderful, amazing, fantastic … things!

I might simply stall a little bit longer and meanwhile, work on another completely different project. Also a re-write, but of such a different nature, it won’t prevent me to switch from one project to another and keep working MG novel at the same time.

Now, let’s get writing.

Thanks for reading !

*update: I did NOT throw away the work so many people have read and appreciate. I figure it out, even though I said I would trying to figure it out.
Note to self: never edit when in a very depressed state of mind, or when the monthly bills comes in.

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