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the writing nook is a good compromised for writers who hate offices, like me, can turn too when the home office just don't won't do it

The knee went first.

Then the back.

When I started to have pains in my arms, I very unwillingly decided to tackle the problem : my working space.

The chair, the desk, the barely existant and non-functional storage needed a good clean-up and a good organizing session.

Therefore, I did what everybody does in that kind of situation: I started working on the couch.

Of course, that didn’t last and before long, I was searching the infinite realm of beautiful possibilities that is Pinterest.

I will not share any before-after pictures or anything like that.
Fair warning.

This is a writer’s blog after all!

Creating a writing nook, not an office

I hate offices.

Ends why I’m creating a writing nook… yes, that will look a LOT like an office, yes.
BUT, in my brain, it’s gonna be a cozy writing nook where I can live my writing dramas and blog about it.
(Isn’t extraordinary that you, dear fellows writer, are reading this blog instead of one the 500 million other blogs are known to exist on the Internet, according to hostingtribunal? Thanks for reading gals and guys!)

Now, let’s money talk.

I’m a freelance writer, an aspiring author, and a full-time, working-from-home mom.

I don’t have neither a dime nor much time to spare for decorating projects.

While it is some stay-at-home and working-from-home mon cuppa tea to decorate and do crafty and DIY projects and etc…, it certainly ain’t mine.

I lack the patience, the creativity, the patience, the skills, the patience.

But, I kicked my procrastinator’s butt and found the time to do things right-ish.

Writing nook inspiration

I really, really hope I’m not stealing’s anybody’s design by sharing this picture that inspired me to create my writing nook.
It’s from Wanda Olesin website.

I found the picture through Pinterest (I love Pinterest; that search engine is such a comfort to stroll around, when I can avoid scams pins or pins hiding porn links, of course).
The decor is something I feel I could easily copy with recycled or upcycle things or trading places with some stuff we have at home.

The only thing I needed to buy were two bookshelves (bookshelf is making me happy, boring shelve does not make me happy; simple as that) for storage.

Buying had to wait a bit because… Embracing the difficult life of a freelance writer has some side effect like not having much money to spare… ever!

Anyway, moving on with creating the writing nook whom should save my knees, my back, my whole body from having weird unrequited pains.

And a blue couch

When it comes to home decorating, or in this case, writing nook decorating, imagination and creativity quite escapes me. Or I decorated with almost the exact same things I saw on the pictures I like
I abandoned the project, make small not useful changes and keep on working.

This time around, since we recently moved into a new house, me creating a writing nook was also an occasion to spruce up the space around my office space.

Now, my writing nook looks pretty much like the pictures. With a big plant-tree in a corner. Two white bookshelves. A rolling cart between one bookshelf and the white flowy desk I’m so lucky to have.

And, somehow, a blue couch.

My writing nook looked way too much office-y. After deliberations, we bought a couch. I had some ugly cushions downstairs, for which I bought new covers. A pretty and soft blanket, I already have, and therefore, I used.

It’s not perfect, but it’s cozy-cozy. Within two minutes, the desk was loaded with books, notebooks, pens, dictionaries, and a funny cup where I put miscellaneous things, like the kiddo stickers I constantly find stuck under my precious fuzzy winter socks.

I already planned on adding string lights, a shelve on the wall, more plants over time.

A writing nook should be a comfortable, happy place, easy to clean up and pretty, if not for the world, then for your eyes only.

I am M. A, a writer on a quest to have her novels for kids and teenagers and young adults traditionally published.
I blog about my writing projects, I share tested writing tips and book reviews, and sometimes, I write about why I’ve decided to transform my office into a writing nook, hee, hee.

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Thank you for reading! Until next time!

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