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Writer on a Quest !

The 35 000 words milestones has been reach!

I am so happy, but… but yeah, I still feel like I have to step on it to make up for all the words I ended up deleting while getting the First Draft ready.

The story is better for it (trust me, it is).

I deleted some 10 000 words in the process or revising and getting the first draft ready to… first… draft. For once, I didn’t like a huge failure for deleting all those words. Progress in the writer process, I guess.

Deleting words always feel better when I have sort of a set writing plan to replace them.

Still, I want to be done with this draft by the end of March and start working on a new writing project, this one destined to be self-published for adults (may I say Yikes; I haven’t written anything for adults ina very long while).

Anyway, there’s only one way to look at it, and it’s to look forward.

I’m planning to dedicate more time in March to write. I’ve started the 5 am writing thing and I’ve decided to write before and after the lunch hour. I’m working from home, I may as well take advantage of it! Plus, my one or two hours beloved evening writing session.

Confession: I’ve been reading a lot during the evening writing session lately, but, like I said, now’s the time to step on it, sit down and write.

It’s funny how much time I waste sometimes just trying to find a way to get a character, or figuring out how to get myself out of the corner I write the story in. When I just need to write different options, like I do for a freelance writing gig.

Not allowing myself the luxury of waiting for the creative solutions and work at it with words instead is sometimes very hard, but my new mantra is: find a solution now, move on with the story NOW if you ever want to see the end of it!

All the best for your creative writing project, dear writing friends !

Thanks so much for reading.

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