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Writer on a Quest !

The libraries are closed. Among severals other institutions and public services. Order of the government.

It’s understandable. There’s a pandemic after all.

When I heard the news though, that’s when I started to feel real uneasy about this whole virus thing. Not that I was so comfortable with the idea in the first place!

Books are my safety blanket, a beautiful source of comfort, whenever real-life gets… troubled. And so is the library. With the soft smell of paper, ink, dust and whatever product they use in the bathrooms.
I do wonder, how many of you, fellow writers, feels this way about books and libraries?

We’re lucky. This house is packed with books, for I have a bit of a « you can never buy too many books ».

And we are both working from home in the first place – even though I don’t have any freelance writing gigs at the moment – , so work-wise, money-wise, it’s fine, kinda, I think.

Adjusting the writing routine will be my biggest challenge for the coming weeks.

Taking care of a young kid is a full-time job, plain and simple, so I plan to write very early in the morning, during nap time and in the evening, like I always do.

Today, at 8 pm, I was not able to focus on the manuscript anymore but unable to sleep either. One of those weird side effects of the pandemic, anxiety.

Here I am, trying to find fun and free indoors activities for kiddo and me. Also trying to find ways to not become a crazy yelling mess, like I was this morning.

Well, better sleep on it I guess.

Dear fellow writers, all the best in your current writing endeavours.

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