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Writer on a Quest !

It’s starting to look a lot like a I’m settling into a new writing routine.

Around 3 am, I wake up. Not because I want to. But because, you know, pandemic.

Then tea. Then emails. Then, these days anyway, Dahlia DeWinters author tube channel. (She has great writing sprints, writing moods video, and she’s a great host; she should have her radio show!)

Thennn, words!

Waking up the little grey cells

The challenge is to wake the creative reflexes. Since my mindset was to do creative writing from 11 am to 3 pm these days (work was slow even before the pandemic), it took a couple of days to adjust and get the creativity flowing.

From 3:30 to 6 am, I write either a blog post (good morning!) or I add words to the YA writing project, now a TEEN writing project.
At 6am, I have to put my stay-at-home-mom hat.

As extreme as it may sounds, having those hours to myself really helps keep my sanity. I need time alone with my stories. When I don’t get it, I snap, I get impatient more easily; it is NOT pleasant.

If the last 6 months of 2019 taught me something, is taht self-care is so important.

And please note: self-care does not rhyme with selfishness. I’m sorry to say its how it sounded in my head.
But, dear oh dear, taking care of our mental health is good for us and everybody around us, anytime.

As for newly stay-at-home-parent dealing with the consequences of a pandemic, a lot of little self-care moments is crucial.

A sure way for me to feel better is a nice mug of steaming earl grey tea.

Therefore, I went and buy tea like the food chain is about to end – which, looking at the state of my nearby supermarket, is pretty much happening despite the « don’t worry » messages from the government.
There’s some left for other customers. Don’t worry.

I wish I could say I acted like a good citizen because I’m a decent human being, but no, I’m just broke…

Just kidding. One must find a laugh or two in these days and age.

Stay home, stay safe, dear fellow writers, and may the words flow in your favor.

Until next time !

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