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One thing you can count on in day and age of Internet and Social Media and The-Need-to-Produce-Produce-Produce, is authors coming up with ideas to make their life miserable !

Today, for example, is the « 24-Hour Write-A-Thon ». Authors – well…, some of the authors I follow on AuthorTube are putting themselves through the ginormous task of writing 10 000 words a day.

On this side of the screen, I will aim for a more modest, more realistic for me word count goal.

Anyway, with the current writing project, the YA turned Teen novel, I’m not at the zero draft stage anymore.
The magic zero draft stage where, personally, I write almost whatever comes up, outline or not, and feel like a superhero because I wrote 10 000 words… in the course of one full week.

Honestly, if there was ever a time to stay at home all day and dedicated all your time to write, well this is it.
Writing has always been my way to find sparkles of joy and light in the dark.

However, despite my modest word count goal for today, I manage to get some writing long before the break of dawn.
For I was lucky enough to stumble upon a night owl live write-in hosted by Courtney at The Courtney Project.

(Side note: Courtney did live writing sprints for 4 hours and 15 minutes, from midnight until 4 am. It’s official, I am WOW-ed.)

Motivation wise, it was perfect. Word count wise, since I’m cleaning up a messy chapter, it was not glorious, but I still have 55K words. New little milestones here, hooray!

Now, let’s stop babbling and go back to spring cleaning, both the current work in progress and the house.

Dear fellow writers, stay home, stay safe, and may the words make you smile.

Thanks for reading !!

What do you think? Let me know down below!

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