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daycare will stay close for another month, so time to adapt (again) and planned (again) yet another writing routine

Today is a Sunday in March.

And every word I write makes me wanna cry all the sadness in the world.

Bright Sunshine

The light was golden and pink against a perfectly dark blue sky.

Alone with the YA/Teen novel, fingers on the keyboard, I kept looking out the window, then at the words I just added to the first draft.

Bad. Bad, bad, BAD. It’s not working. The words. They are not working. And camp NaNoWriMo is just around the corner.

Now is really not the time for a writing meltdown!

Is it the over-tiredness? Is it the sun, rising so beautiful that it seems nothing can no longer be beautiful?
Or the gigantic pandemic going the size of titans?

I’ll put my stay-at-home-mom non-existing money on the later.

How do we cope around here

Here in the province of Quebec, Canada, our « quarantine » started on a sunny Friday. Friday the 13th, around noon, parents had to rush in the middle of the day to get their kids out of daycares and schools.
The government had ordered them to close.

Next day, the authorities ordered something else. And so on, and so forth.

Yesterday, our government foreboded all indoors or outdoors gatherings, except for people working in offices, public transportation and the families living under the same roof. No playdates with kids. No grand-parents coming over to take care of the kids. Families living under the same roof only.

Today, they ordered shopping centers and restaurants to close. Plus, daycares and schools will stay close up until May 1st.

The stay-at-home-parents of the province of Quebec felt, I am sure, sort of a little punch in the stomach.

A month.

Let’s just say that my camp NaNoWriMo plans will have to be adjusted accordingly!

Yummy Spring

With the kid at home 24/7, with ABSOLUT ZERO possibilities to ask for help, or going anywhere to take a break, stress levels will rise.

No doubt about it.

Ways to lower the risk of rising stress levels: bake some home-made chocolate cakeSSS and write. A lot.

Write stories for the kids, write stories for ourselves, write with writing buddys for camp NaNoWriMo.

Write, mama, write your way out of a this forced stay at home situation.

And eat chocolate cake. Not everyday though, ok?


Thanks for readings, fellow writers. Stay home, stay safe !

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