M.A. Wohl

Writer on a Quest !

A laptop shines brights in the darkest hours of the night.

And the floors creaks like the gates of hell opened.

In order to help give everybody else in this house a good night of sleep, I pulled a blanket over my head, hunched over the screen and start typing.

Messy chapter

First draft means, for me, editing a few chapters, when not re-write chapters entirely.

However, in my current state of mind, which sounds like « are you ever gonna be dooooooooooone; sniff », looking a decreasing word count de-motivates me.

I came up with a little trick. I highlight the words that need to go and, for every 200 ou 300 new words in, I erase a hundred or so.

It seems a bit tedious, and probably maybe a bit childish, but it keeps me writing, helps me push through some rougher parts of the writing.

Although, that writing project continues to make me smile. I enjoy writing it so, so much! I know the characters much, much better, and, oh I like their voices. The main character, who is hanging on to her fallen athlete dreams when the reader meets her, goes through hell early on and I love it so much, haha!!!

As much as I was dreading dealing with the messy chapter (a 4 000 words mess), now I enjoy the turn of events, the way I could bring together the main character and, as the MC puts it: « the only person in the world who hates me to no end » – sorry, it’s not the prettiest translation.

In short, it’s a good start for the writing week.

As for the stay-at-home-mom work week, aside from facing the possibility of seeing outdoor parks closed to the public, all shall be well.

We’ve got story books.

Dear fellow writers, stay home, stay safe, and happy writing!

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