M.A. Wohl

Writer on a Quest !

Is it the same thing for you, fellow writer.

Whenever you start a new writing project, or go back working on a ongoing project, it goes super well.

The words flow, everything is so clear. The story feels like the best story in the world and, of course, this one, this one is gonna be the novel, the one that will break out of the whole mega-lot of self-published and traditionally published novels out there.

Of course, the feeling doesn’t last. Not for long anyway.

That’s when the writer motivation – I’m tempted to write disillusion, but it’s probably just because I feel blue these days. right? – comes in handy.

Outlining craze

On the late side of things, I discovered, tried, failed at, tried again and then succeeded at outlining a novel.

Outlining the YA paranormal project help me be more productive, and somehow more focused.
The characters are stronger for it also. Although, that’s what I think!

I’m very excited to go back to outlining the brand new RomCom-Grown-Up.

Now, I find it very energizing to consider many possibilities for the characters, or settings, or funny moments, and, of course, almost kissing, or lost into the eyes of the Love Interest cute scenes.

That’s why I choose to write a RomCom. Because it’s all about fun, beautiful landscape; it’s all about little dramas and big wonderful blazing happy endings. I’ll make sure nobody gets sick, promise.

Fellow writers, happy words and until next time!

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