M.A. Wohl

Writer on a Quest

dreams as well as nightmares are often a well of inspiration for writers worldwide, a wonderland of possibilities

Monday, Day 30 Dreams. Fellow writers, is your writing influenced by your dreams? The whole YA paranormal novel comes from a dream I still can remember with such clarity, it’s crazy! Me dreams have been busy last night. There was people from the past. From movies I love. A funny scene with one of my …

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When things change, the imagination goes everywhere but where this mama writer needs it to be.

Monday, Day 23 What feeds the creative writing words? It may change from writer to writer, but there’s some common ground. Can one be a stay-at-home parent and keep the creative writing in a healthy state?The answer is fudgingadoodle yeah, of course ! But you do get yourself in some kind of a bubble. And …

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