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Writer on a Quest

Note to the readers: Thanks for taking the time to read this. I try to answer that impossible question at the end of this post. I’m no expert, just a parent and a writer on a crazy quest. Enjoy! Monday, Day 72 Labour day today. Will I’ll be able to take advantage of it and …

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writing is a job. blogging is writing plus doing a million things aside in order to have people read what you write. writing a novel is that much different because it takes months and years, because things change in a blink of eye, the time for a smile to be wasted behind a mask.

Monday, Day 58 Note to the readers: I’m talking a bit about blogging this morning. Don’t worry, I haven’t came up with a online course on « How to make money with a blog » and I’m not selling anything. Thanks for being here. Are you a blogging too, dear fellow writers? If not, you are certainly …

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A bunch of writing tips for working parents and stay at home parents to help find time to write, and make the best of the ever so few hours we parents can gather around to make our author ambitions come true

Monday, Day 51 Things change. Finding time to write is always a challenge, whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, a part-time remote employee like me, or a full-time busy professional. The overall stress of day-to-day life, of the new « normal » (already tired of this expression), the nights often interrupted by some nightmares and other kiddo’s « but …

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