Writing on Top of the Microwave

A 3000 kilometres-wide snowstorm is something a lot of people don’t see everyday. From here, in the province of Quebec, Canada to the state of Texas in the US, strong and cold cold winds carries bundles of snow.

I’m sending blankets of warmth and soft, spring winds to everybody, especially those not equipped to face wintery conditions. In spirit, I’m with you. Please, be safe when it’s time to get warm.

When I was a kid, I would eagerly listen to the radio, wishing my school will close and I would get to stay home and read all day.

I’ve decided that now that I’m a grown-up, when there’s a snowstorm (big or small), it’s a read-all-day – day !!!

Today was such a snowstorm day, and I did at one point found myself writing on top of the microwave yesterday.

Was it productive?

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A Rom-Com Novel Writing Project: January

Outlining a Rom-Com Christmas After the Holidays

How are you doing, fellow writers?

I ask because around here, like pretty much everywhere in North America, we’re living in what seems to be both a nerve-racking and heart-breaking reality.

Curfew. Non-essential stores closed. Kids wearing masks.

Weather wise, it felt like spring for two weeks. Then, winter woke up.

Just as well. Tea is better when it’s cold outside.

In the midst of it all, writing has been the most needed and perfect of comfort. Almost as comforting as wrapping myself in a fuzzy blanket with a good novel, a comfy armchair and a warm cup of tea – of course!

Thinking of it, you know what? In the realm of Ultimate Comfort, writing and reading novels are equals. There!

Now, speaking of writing, how strangely fun it is to outlined a Christmas RomCom in the middle of January? Very!

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