M.A. Wohl

Writer on a Quest

writing to the market might seems to be a good answer for writers who wants to make it but its a recipe to get even more disappointed and baffled when the novel is rejected

These days, sometimes when I’m writing, constantly when I’m revising or editing, I’ll listen to some podcast about writing and the book industry. It helps me keep my high hopes in check. When editing, it’s the best. It’s easier to edit when you’re listening to professionals’ advice or listen about how many revisions a book …

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as a writer, I don't often have full confidence in what I'm writing, but some days, it would just go so great, you could fly!

This day actually started at 3:30 am. Not in a good way. In a crying, yelling, whining way. But no worries, I know where to go to make all the mama exhaustion, guilt, frustration go away. That’s right, the MG writing project! (now, I won’t lie, a whole bowl of fudge brownie frozen yogurt for …

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