M.A. Wohl

Writer on a Quest !

in the good old days, writing fantasy was a way to escape the turmoils of my teenage years. now, writing fantasy is breathing through stressful, sad pandemic times

Vous en avez sans doute déjà entendu parler. Il s’agit d’un défi inspiré d’une déclaration du célèbre auteur Ray Bradbury. Pendant son discours d’ouverture pour « The Sixth Annual Writer’s Symposium by the Sea », un évènement soutenu par la Point Loma Nazarene University en 2001, il suggéra à l’auditoire d’écrire une nouvelle par semaine, toute l’année. …

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how to dream in 2021 when the year before proved to many writers how things we think are hard can get harder in the blink of an eye

Already, by the end of January 2020, I started to think it was a bit odd. All the dreams I had and could remember, all of them were in darkness. No nightmares or anything like that. The usual dreams, full of action, weirdness – in short, full of writing inspiration. But no sunlight, no bright …

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