M.A. Wohl

Writer on a Quest

Monday, Day 251 I enjoy reading the Nancy Drew books. Well, the first 3 of the famous ghostwritten series. I did my research and found out the first 23 books were worth it. The others, written by other ghostwriter, some are racists, some are simply boring. And I’m not gonna spend a dime finding out …

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rabbit are cute when they are not eating this mama writers plants!

Monday, Day 244 A rabbit has invaded the land. It’s awfully cute. Awfully hungry. Awfully munching on my plants !!! This morning, the furry thing was munching on favorite plant, a morning glory planted late last year. It tries so very hard to grow too! « It is ON, rabbit. IT. IS. ON. »

Monday, Day 237 Again, the almost routine will change. Kiddo will go back to daycare. Next Monday. Weird feelings. Of lost, mostly. But I know it’s an illusion, sort of. If I was to change my mind and become a stay-at-home-mom, without any kind of help available, I would grow bitter, resentful. Also, daycare makes …

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