M.A. Wohl

Writer on a Quest !

my writer mind is crowded with work stuff to do, with work stuff frustrations to deal with,

Monday, Day 65 Ready, steady… go, day job week ! What a wordy day, full of wordy words. Did a whole lot of research, a crazy ton of re-writing. And tomorrow does not look like it’s gonna be less mind-crowding. I’m thinking about working on both writing projects. But writing this, dear fellow writers, I …

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new writing project but not for camp Nano

Monday, June 29th, Day 1 Good morning fellow writers ! I’m very happy to be back sharing with you my writing journey to be a traditionally published or/and indie author. Thanks a million for being here ! Here we are, new writing project, new series of weekly writing diary. The 2020 Writing Project

Monday, Day 258 Writing during the summer is harder for me. I feel restless. Unfortunately not in the « diving into work and writing 5K words a day » kind of restless. Restless like being in the house feels uncomfortable. Restless like just going out for a normal walk around the block is uncomfortable. Yep, fellow writer, …

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