M.A. Wohl

Writer on a Quest

Monday, Day 258 Writing during the summer is harder for me. I feel restless. Unfortunately not in the « diving into work and writing 5K words a day » kind of restless. Restless like being in the house feels uncomfortable. Restless like just going out for a normal walk around the block is uncomfortable. Yep, fellow writer, …

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rabbit are cute when they are not eating this mama writers plants!

Monday, Day 244 A rabbit has invaded the land. It’s awfully cute. Awfully hungry. Awfully munching on my plants !!! This morning, the furry thing was munching on favorite plant, a morning glory planted late last year. It tries so very hard to grow too! « It is ON, rabbit. IT. IS. ON. »

Keeping a positive mindset have been, still is, my biggest challenge this week. Despite a flickering writing motivation, I was able to keep my word to the words, so to speak. But it’s hard to shut up that voice of reason in my head: will the small publishers of my small francophone north-american bubble will …

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