M.A. Wohl

Writer on a Quest

A bunch of writing tips for working parents and stay at home parents to help find time to write, and make the best of the ever so few hours we parents can gather around to make our author ambitions come true

Monday, Day 51 Things change. Finding time to write is always a challenge, whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, a part-time remote employee like me, or a full-time busy professional. The overall stress of day-to-day life, of the new « normal » (already tired of this expression), the nights often interrupted by some nightmares and other kiddo’s « but …

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as the writing slump still hits this mama writer, the morning weather is getting cooler and I dream of fall colours

Monday, Day 37 You know that nagging feeling, fellow writers? That feeling of forgetting something you promised yourself you weren’t gonna forget? In front of the ex-YA project revision, or surrounded by the handwritten (so far) MG Fantasy project, I keep… doing something else. Like trying to write a post, erase it, try again only …

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dreams as well as nightmares are often a well of inspiration for writers worldwide, a wonderland of possibilities

Monday, Day 30 Dreams. Fellow writers, is your writing influenced by your dreams? The whole YA paranormal novel comes from a dream I still can remember with such clarity, it’s crazy! Me dreams have been busy last night. There was people from the past. From movies I love. A funny scene with one of my …

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