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Writer on a Quest !

How to be a productive writer is a question I ask myself nearly everyday. I read about (when I should write), I listen to AuthorTuber about it (when I should be writing) and read craft books about it (when I should be writing). In this blog post, I attempt to find out what it takes to be a productive writer like Agatha Christie was.

I’ve always, always, always dreamed of being able to be as productive a writer as Agatha Christie was.

Note that I didn’t write « as brilliant a writer » nor « as successful a writer ».

First, being a successful writer is highly out of my (our) control. When I worked at a publishing house, I quickly learned that the success of a book was impossible to predict, no matter the time-energy-money one would invest in it.

Don’t get me wrong, it certainly helps a great deal. But it does not guarantee success.

Second, being a brilliant writer is also highly out of my control. I can only do my best to better my writing craft. I can only keep writing and never give up my dream/goal: earning a living publishing novels.

That being saiiiiid… What does it take to write like Agatha Christie !!!

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New month, new creative writing challenge?

Why the heck not ! I have quite literally no where to go. No day-job, no grocery shopping, no nothin’.

Here’s my challenge for February: write one full hour everyday and have fun while doing so.

Now, how to do that without being completely burned out ? Let’s see !

Roaming the Many Roads of Creative Writing Land

I really, really don’t want this challenge to become a NaNoWriMo kinda of thing. The challenge is to write consistently, not to produce as many words as one writer can muster in a short period of time.

(I understand it can help to stay motivated, but the torture and stress and competitive side of it all, oh so not for me!)

It’s a no stress just fun challenge.

On the other end, I do want this creative writing challenge to be productive and help me move forward with my 2021 writing project goals.

Which road should I choose then?

February Work in Progress

I picked three very different writing projects to work with in February.

  • The YA paranormal second draft – only 40 000 words to go, hooray!
  • The rom-com Xmas novel first draft – very existed by this one, houlàlà, writing for adults.
  • A fantasy short story

I purposely picked three very different genre, and two different reader target, which might sounds like a bad idea since the most common writing tips both from agents and author marketing is: pick a genre, know your readers and focus on that!

I’ve been writing for a young audience since I first starting writing (I was 9 years old, and it was a fantasy story about a farm boy falling for a princess who’s then made prisoner or something like that, hee hee).

I read a variety of genre, but I would always go back to the stories I loved as a kid and a teenager.

A lot of those stories where stories for adults, but let’s not digress and get into a whole discussion on target readers, age and the publishers hegemony, or we’ll never get to write our novels.

Dear fellow writers, thanks for reading ! May all the good words be with you !

Outlining a Rom-Com Christmas After the Holidays

How are you doing, fellow writers?

I ask because around here, like pretty much everywhere in North America, we’re living in what seems to be both a nerve-racking and heart-breaking reality.

Curfew. Non-essential stores closed. Kids wearing masks.

Weather wise, it felt like spring for two weeks. Then, winter woke up.

Just as well. Tea is better when it’s cold outside.

In the midst of it all, writing has been the most needed and perfect of comfort. Almost as comforting as wrapping myself in a fuzzy blanket with a good novel, a comfy armchair and a warm cup of tea – of course!

Thinking of it, you know what? In the realm of Ultimate Comfort, writing and reading novels are equals. There!

Now, speaking of writing, how strangely fun it is to outlined a Christmas RomCom in the middle of January? Very!

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