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too many plot twist

In the process of finish to edit / re-write yet another chapter of the YA/Teen paranormal manuscript, I had, yet another, plot twist idea.

One idea that would be awesome, but that would take this stand alone into a mayhem of complications and dragging on for the sake of book 2 and book 3.

I thought and thought, and decided to keep the original outline. (An outlined I’ve re-written at least ten times, just for the sake of the backstory here).

And I’m quiet at peace with my decision.

First: I’m a lazy person to the core, so much so that I have to constantly trick myself into getting things done. Since I really wanna be done with that story (that I love, but, you know, fellow writer, you know…), extending the adventure to another book, maybe two even was a dreading, unappealing project I simply was not that thrilled to get myself into.

Two: Considering the present pandemic, and the month-long « stay-home, stay-safe » rule I fully intend to follow, diving into camp NaNoWriMo is a challenge I can’t wait to get myself into. With a completely new writing project, a rom-com for grown-ups. It’s exciting, but I do wonder how it will go, since I haven’t written for a grown-up audience, ever.

Writing stories for a young audience is my thing, to the core. Some of my favorite novels to read are middle-grade and teen novels. It’s the kind of book that always brings a smile.

Better get back to the paranormal world for now. The 57K words mark has been reached, and I just love the chapter I’m at. The Main Character and the Best Friend are teaming up to take action against the villain.
It’s a load of fun !!

Thanks for reading. I hope everybody is well. Happy writing, fellow writer.

it's the tenth day of the government ordering people to stay home. The quarantine will go on though, and meanwhile, the world we knew is fading, inexorably, into a memory

This is me struggling to meet my word count goal of the day.

It’s not that late, I’m just that tired.

Of the pandemic news, of course. Of the Gigantic-Titanic quantity of online content being created as I write those words, me, one of the millions of creators sharing with the void what’s up with their author life.

Writing-wise, it’s a bit slower this week. Anxiety tends to trigger my desire to escape in faraway lands, where the heroes always find happy, happy endings.
And my desire to see the bad guys, like the ones who rather sacrifice lives for the sake of their insignificant bank account then do everything they can to save as many people as possible, is being sent into the Grow-A-Human-Soul Institution, either change for the better, or get punished. I’m that Manichean.

Writing those kinds of stories is awesome, I love it. Although, reading stories is also very fun, and requires a bit less effort, and I have to fight my inner laziness and write.

I also have to fight another reality: where I live, the publishers closed. As you may know, my crazy quest is to be a traditionally published author.
Of course, the publishers will go back to business as usual, by the time the YA/Teen work in progress will be a complete, ready to be read, full-on novel.

It’s temporary. I know. But it’s funny how the temporary closures made my mindset shift from « must send a complete manuscript by the end of May » to « oh well… ».

I still want to be done with this manuscript, so I can focus on the « to-be self-published » writing project, the adult rom-com.

But I have to be realist. And get waltzing with the side effects of the pandemic.

And wait to see in which world I’m going to be able to sit and catch my breath.

I forgot.

For about ten minutes, yesterday, I forgot about the whole pandemic and its dreadful consequences for every soul on Earth. I was so surprised, it stuck with me.

After yet another bad night of sleep, I thought heck, that was a goooood ten minutes. I liked it. I want another one. I want many others ones like that.

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