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Holiday gathering with family before the snow melts, before Santa is ready

This week word count goal: 62 500 words
Word count so far: 42 221 words

No writing of any kind was done on Day 77 of this diary of a writing project.

Many adults were making the best of our small living room/playroom while kids were having a blast.
As planned, I was busy in the kitchen.

Very busy.

So busy that, in the end, someone came in and almost grabbed my hand to force me to go sit with everybody.

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Cozy murder mystery by Agatha Christie are this writer go-to novels in December!!

Word count goal this week: 55 000 words

Day 71: Day off
Word count so far: 41 249 words

Here’s the problem: I figured it out.
The whole story thing.

The beats, the what must-go where, how many chapters are missing, which one I have to tweak, or change almost completely.

The little puzzles pieces are all there and the only thing left to do is put them together.

It is FAR from being finished or being in a readable state for another human creature to look at, and yet critique.

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