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Monday, Day 237

Again, the almost routine will change.

Kiddo will go back to daycare. Next Monday.

Weird feelings. Of lost, mostly. But I know it’s an illusion, sort of. If I was to change my mind and become a stay-at-home-mom, without any kind of help available, I would grow bitter, resentful.

Also, daycare makes kiddo sooo happy. Playing with other kids, being in contact with other humans.

We’ll see… We will also see if I can write a word today!

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flowers and spring goes well with words

Monday, Day 230

Hooray, it’s Monday !

In the course of my not so long, but not so short lifetime, I might have put « hooray » and « it’s Monday » together once or… never, really.

Well, today is a good Monday. Beautiful sunshine, a bit of warm weather coming at us, at long last.

I gave up writing outside in the early morning. It was too hard on my fragile little nerves to adapt the kiddo morning routine to my outrageous ambition of working under the sun, ALONE.

Oh well. Meanwhile, I wrote a little more than 500 words today. Why am I happy about that not so impressive news?

Because those 500 words are a game changer! Instead of following the outline to the letter, I skipped two chapters and dive immediately into the action.

Such a relief! And a sign. And yet another lesson: when I drag my writer’s feet and get discouraged and un-motivated, I must-must-must look at the story.

When I left the manuscript before the weekend break, it was slow, it was lacking good-juicy conflict, but I was so close to the whole, I couldn’t see it anymore.

Fellow writers, I hope you had a great weekend too, a healthy and sunny and bright one!

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Monday, Day 223

The goal this week is to take advantage of the spring weather and write outside in the morning, as much as possible.

Of course, this morning, with a good old minus 1 degree Celsius, I’m keeping my writer’s bottom warm and snug in my bed.

Also, a surprise was waiting for me in the email box. A request from a client.

It pays close to nothing, and the guy actually recorded what he wanted the blog post to say. Nevertheless, I wrote the thing, and quickly too. After all, I barely had to use any kind of creativity.

Anyway, it was good to work on something that wasn’t the novel… for an hour or so!

I got used pretty quickly to spend on my writing time on personal writing project!

Will tomorrow see me writing outside? Read more, héhé!

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