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Two authors were talking about NaNoWriMo.

(In a video, via StreamYard, months ago; I find it weird now to watch something filmed before even the start of the whole pandemic. You?)

The now famous National Novel Writing Month, first founded in 1999 in the United State, is a great source of motivation and stress, for writers world-wide.

One the authors was talking about how, when she taught she would « lose » NaNoWriMo, she pushed through and found out she had the words in her.

Last night, despite the tiredness, I went and watch a KaShay Live Write-In episode, and I, too, pushed through.

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It’s starting to look a lot like a I’m settling into a new writing routine.

Around 3 am, I wake up. Not because I want to. But because, you know, pandemic.

Then tea. Then emails. Then, these days anyway, Dahlia DeWinters author tube channel. (She has great writing sprints, writing moods video, and she’s a great host; she should have her radio show!)

Thennn, words!

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it's hard to not know about how anxiety is ramping up pithing each individual since the pandemic reached our little side of the world. Some are binging tv, some keep walking their dog but take a very big step away if they pass you in the street. Other, like writers, write about it. at length. It's in everybody's mind.

No matter how early I wake up.

No matter how long I sit in front of that computer.

If I don’t write the words, if I keep looking at the pandemic news about… the pandemic, not only I will not reach my writing goals, but I’ll keep waking up at 3 am for no good reasons.

And the only good reason to wake up at 3 am is either to go to work, or to get to work on a project close to our hearts.

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