I write novels mainly for kids, tweens and young adults. As for the genre, almost anything goes!
Except for scary ghosts stories. I can’t do scary ghosts stories.

Here’s my work in progress for 2019.

If you are wondering why the titles are in French, well it’s because I am a francophone writer, living in a small North-American francophone bubble.

If everything works well thought, you might be able to get one of those books in English one day. Fingers crossed!

Le secret de l’arbre (La Tour de Norwood #1)

(Genre : Adventure and Fantasy (kinda). Age: for old middle-graders and tweens )

Djehanne, 12 years old and plagued with social phobia, swears, after having lived the worst school day ever, she will do everything to become a normal girl.
Bad start for the wanna-be normal kid, her last friend, the giant tree in front of her house, tells her that her impossible wish could come true. She only has to play The Dream Game, one of the forgotten games you can find at the incredibly amazing out-of-this-world-wonderful Norwood Tower.
Without thinking, she goes for it.

Between a fugitive with an agenda, the Tower Patrol on her tail and a dragon-cat, Dejehanne soon understand that becoming « normal » is gonna be real hard.

Is she even be able to go back home?

Chocolat chaud et fin du monde

(Genre: Contemporary tweens lit. Age: 10-14 years old)

This is the end of the world.
Arthur Strickland, the master bully who ruined her elementary school years and rightful arch enemy his here, at Emma Lajeunesse College. In her class!
Although, something is off with him. He’s being super nice with everybody, including her!?

What does he want? Be friends or something? Impossible ! He is a bully… right?

This book explores friendship and bullying.

YA Fantasy project

(Genre: Fantasy (duh!). Age : 14+)

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